Business Solutions

Farmer’s coffee not only delivers coffee, but works with its clients as partners.
We provide the appropriate coffee machines for our partners to serve the best cup to their customers. We discuss, suggest, and recommend the best possible solution for our partner establishments. We provide training on how to use the machines and suggest different coffee concoctions that will help increase the revenue stream of the restaurant. We basically take out the headache from the food and beverage operations manager with regards to coffee. How?

First, we provide the coffee machine for free.

Second, we take care of the maintenance of the machine as well for free. Our staff will visit the establishment and do a general cleaning on a monthly basis.

Third, we are on call 24/7 to make sure that you are always serving coffee to your customers. If the machine ever does have a problem, our staff will be there as soon as possible to repair it. If they can not, they will replace it with another one. Remember, we want you to keep your customers happy.

Fourth, we work with your personal or customer’s  taste profile. We can adjust the blend of beans and the roast level desired. 

Our Machines


The Saeco Royal Professional straddles the line between home and commercial use, making it a strong runner in homes, offices, restaurants and cafes. The 82 oz water reservoir keeps you brewing rather than refilling. With dual boilers and Rapid Steam, there is never a delay between brewing espresso and frothing milk! Choose from either the standard steam wand or stand back and let the automatic frothing attachment do the work for you. A backlit digital display communicates a plethora of information to the user, as well as accessing the programming menu to set your Royal Professional to your specifications. The user can program the strength and volume for each of three pre-set beverage buttons, as well as fine-tune the professional quality conical burr grinder to match your drink’s characteristics. Professional quality is no longer out of your range, thanks to the Saeco Royal Professional!


With the versatility to brew into a 2 or 3 liter airpot, the BUNN Axiom Commercial Airpot Coffee Brewer gives you plenty of options. Need copious amounts of coffee for meetings, breakfast bars or receptions? Satisfy a bus load or a boat load with coffee ready to serve in an airpot. Airpots keep coffee hot and fresh for hours. No need to transfer brewed coffee from carafes into the airpot, the Axiom saves time and waste with a direct brew system.


The Piccolina features the single-cup coffee brewing technology that is revolutionizing the coffee industry. Built around the famous French piston brewing method which is a traditional technique that is combined with electronic timing and temperature components to guarantee consistently great-tasting coffee, the Piccolina represents the quality, convenience and value of single-cup brewing.