World Health Organization Drops Coffee’s Status as Possible Carcinogen

Move comes 25 years after group said beverage may lead to bladder cancer

Coffee drinkers have gotten some good news. Twenty-five years after classifying coffee as a possible carcinogen leading to bladder cancer, the World Health Organization’s cancer research arm has reversed...[view article]

New U.S. dietary guidelines: Everything you need to know about what to eat/what not to eat

Go ahead and have those eggs. That's just one piece of good news from the U.S. dietary guidelines released on Thursday. Updated every five years, the government recommendations have been credited -- or blamed (depending on whom you ask) --...[view article]

Harvard scientist who’s studied coffee for 20 years explains why it’s amazing

Dr. Frank Hu just finished a 40-year study on the effects of coffee on the human body. People who drink more coffee it turns out, live longer. Specifically, Hu’s study found that coffee-drinkers have lower risks of cardiovascular and neurodegenerative diseases,...[view article]